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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Excoriation (skin Picking) Disorder

  • Author :   Julio Torales1, Larissa Páez , Marcelo O’Higgins , Andrés Arce
  • Page No :   27-30
  • Abstract :

    In spite of excoriation (skin picking) disorder being first described in 1875, it has not yet been fully studied and understood. Furthermore over t..

  • Diabulimia - The Phenomenology Of An Under Recognised Juxtaposition Between Diabetes And Eating Disorders

  • Author :   Suhas Chandran, Prakrithi S N, Supriya Mathur, Kishor M
  • Page No :   6-10
  • Abstract :

    Eating disorders are a major cause of physical and psychological morbidity. Young women and adolescents with diabetes, especially Type 1 Diabetes M..

  • Knowledge And Attitude Of Mental Health Professionals Towards Psychodrama As A Psychotherapeutic Tool

  • Author :   Nupur Mahatme, Anil Kakunje, Dilshana Nafisa, Jeyaram Srinivasan, Sowmya Puthran, Jochen Becker Ebel
  • Page No :   92-95
  • DOI :   10.18231/2455-8559.2018.0010
  • Abstract :

    Aim: To understand the attitude and knowledge of mental health professionals towards psychodrama. Materials and Methods: Knowledge and attitude tow..

  • Viktor Emil Frankl

  • Author :   Prathyusha Manchala
  • Page No :   109-111
  • DOI :   10.18231/2455-8559.2018.0014
  • Abstract :

    Viktor Emil Frankl was an Austrian Neurologist and Psychiatrist. He worked from the frame work of existential therapy. During world war II, he was ..