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Study Of Psychiatric Morbidity In Cancer Patients- In Teaching Hospital

  • Author :   Rene de Souza, Syed Mateen
  • Page No :   33-37
  • DOI :   10.18231/ 2455-8559.2017.0008
  • Abstract :

    Introduction: Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. Co morbidity of cancer and psychiatric disorders can be as a result of the disease itse..

  • Psychiatric Morbidity And Quality Of Life In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Treated With Insulin Versus Patients Treated With Oral Hypoglycemic Agents

  • Author :   Dere Shubhangi S., Mittal Swati S., Ajinkya Shaunak A., Ghildiyal Rakesh P.
  • Page No :   41-45
  • Abstract :

    Introduction: Chronic medical illness like diabetes mellitus is associated with significant psychiatric co-morbidity. Presence of psychopathol..

  • A Cross Sectional Study Of Socio-demographic Factors, Crime Characteristics And Psychiatric Morbidity In Violent Offenders

  • Author :   Anitha Rayirala, K. Sudha Rani, Divija Bunga, Umashankar
  • Page No :   83-86
  • DOI :   10.18231/2455-8559.2018.0008
  • Abstract :

    Introduction: Homicide and attempt to murder are unique and serious violent offences. These serious offences have a huge impact on society. But the..

  • A Study Of Projective Test Responses And Intervention Strategies In Children With Unexplained Pain Symptoms

  • Author :   K. Rama*, Dinakaran P, GS Chandraleka
  • Page No :   74-78
  • DOI :
  • Abstract :

    Psychiatric morbidity is high in children with unexplained chronic pain and thus needs to be assessed and treated. Unexplained pain symbolizes emot..

  • School Refusal - Psychosocial Distress Or Psychiatric Disorder?

  • Author :   G Karthika* , M Gowri Devi
  • Page No :   14-18
  • DOI :
  • Abstract :

    Background: School refusal is not a diagnosis by itself but a behavior described when a child frequently refuses to go to school or remain in schoo..

  • Study Of Negative Symptoms In Schizophrenia

  • Author :   Phanikanth Kondaparthi, Sai Krishna Puli* , Datt M
  • Page No :   34-39
  • DOI :
  • Abstract :

    Introduction: Schizophrenia is a major mental illness that can afflict and corrupt the normal functions of powerful mind. Schizophrenia is a chroni..