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Volume : 3, Issue : 2

  • Stalwarts: Wilder Penfield

  • Article : Open Access

  • Article Type: Other

  • Subject : Psychiatry, Mental Health, Psychology

  • Year : 2017

  • Author : Y. Jaya Krishna

  • Page From : 132

  • Page To : 134

  • Page No : 132-134

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  • DOI : 10.18231/2455-8559.2017.0029
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  • Abstract  

    Wilder Penfeild, professor of neurology and neurosurgery at MC gill revolutionised our understanding of human brain .He was most famous for his experiments where he stimulated the brain of patients who had part of their skull removed during surgery, the Montreal procedure that allowed patients to remain awake during surgery. He recorded experiential responses, hallucinations, illusions, dejavu phenomena and interpretive responses.
     He used information gained during this operations to create functional maps called homunculus. He also mapped primary sensory area, motor area, speech area and primary visualarea .He also found the physical basis of memory. He was instrumental in construction of Montreal Neurological Institute as per his vision to create an institute where clinicians from different disciplines interact. Penfeild dissector, neurosurgical technique that produces less meningocerebral scar remains in regular use till date. The pioneering clinician and researcher is celebrated nationally and internationally for his miraculous experiments. He was known for his deep integrity and humanity among his colleagues and patients.
    Penfeild devoted his thinking to understand whether there was any scientific basis for existence of the human soul

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