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  • Prevalence Of Common Mental Disorders Among Patients With Diabetes Mellitus And Hypertension In An Urban East Delhi Slum – A Cross Sectional Study

  • Article : Open Access

  • Article Type: Original Article

  • Subject : Psychiatry, Mental Health, Psychology

  • Year : 2015

  • Author : Neha Taneja

  • Author : Mrinmoy Adhikary

  • Author : Susmita Chandramouleeswaan

  • Author : Suresh Kumar Kapoor

  • Email id : [email protected]

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  • Page To : 31

  • Page No : 27-31

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  • Abstract  

    Background: Psychiatric co morbidities like anxiety, depression and somatization are often associated with chronic diseases such as Type2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) and Hypertension (HTN). Illness-associated depression and anxiety impairs quality of life and results in higher health care utilization and costs. However, co morbid mental disorders are often under-recognized and not always effectively treated. The objectives of our study were to determine prevalence of common mental disorders (anxiety, depression and somatization) amongst diagnosed patients of T2DM and HTN and to identify the determinants associated with these common mental disorders among patients with T2DM and HTN Methodology: A cross sectional study was carried out at the outpatient services of the Community Heath Department of St. Stephen’s Hospital, located in an urban slum of East Delhi. Study participants were adults diagnosed with T2DM, HTN or both. They were interviewed using Patient Health Questionnaire- Somatic, Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms (PHQ-SADS). Data were analyzed using SPSS version 20.0. Association between variables were studied by using logistic regression Result: Among 101 study participants, 51.5% had only Hypertension, 25.7% had only type 2 DM and 22.8% had both. Prevalence of anxiety and depression were found to be 56.43% (45.6% mild, 45.6% moderate, 8.8% severe) and 79.2% (46.2% mild, 43.7% moderate, 10.1% severe) respectively Conclusion: Prevalence of common mental disorders was very high among the study population. There is a need for increased awareness and treatment of these conditions

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  • Keyword : Epidemiology, Co-morbity, Community Psychiatry
  • How to cite this article:   Taneja N, Adhikary M, Chandramouleeswaan S, Kapoor S K, Prevalence Of Common Mental Disorders Among Patients With Diabetes Mellitus And Hypertension In An Urban East Delhi Slum – A Cross Sectional Study. Telangana J Psychiatry. 2015;1(1):27-31.
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