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Volume : 6, Issue : 2

  • Fear Of Covid-19: A Cross-sectional Study Among General Population In Telangana During Lockdown

  • Article : Open Access

  • Article Type: Original Article

  • Subject : Psychiatry, Mental Health, Psychology

  • Year : 2020

  • Author : Shadma Siddiquie

  • Author : Mazher Ali

  • Author : Khan Mohammed Zeeshan Ali

  • Author : Khaja Shakeeb Ahmed Atif

  • Author : Minhaj Zafar Nasirabadi

  • Email id : [email protected]

  • Page From : 170

  • Page To : 175

  • Page No : 170-175

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  • Article Download : 18

  • DOI : 10.18231/j.tjp.2020.034
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  • Abstract  

    Background: The Novel Coronavirus-19, emerged from Wuhan, China, spread throughout the world. This pandemic with its influence on each and every aspect of life, posed a much greater impact on mental health. Heightened level of anxiety, fear of contracting the virus, future uncertainties are commonly seen among general population during pandemics.

    Aim: To assess the fear of COVID-19 among general population of Telangana during lockdown period in India.

    Materials and Methods: An online survey was conducted using Google Forms. Fear of Covid-19 scale was used for assessment. Non probability snow ball sampling technique was used for collecting data.

    Results: A total of 245 responses were received, of which 10 responders had pre-existing psychiatric illness and were excluded. Of the remaining 235 participants, 47.2% were females and 52.8% were males. Mean age was 31.46 ± 9.82 years. 54% were educated till post-graduate level. 51.1% were married. 32% were health care professionals and involved in essential care services. The mean score of Fear of Covid-19 scale was 14.27 ± 4.29. 74.9% participants had fear of Covid-19. 61.7% felt uncomfortable when thinking about the novel Corona virus. More than 39.6% candidates were distressed on hearing/watching news about Covid-19. Around 13% participants reported disturbance in their sleep due to worry of getting infected with Corona virus. Findings imply that there was fear of Covid-19 spread among general population of Telangana during lockdown period.

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  • Keyword : COVID-19, Fear, Lockdown, Pandemic, Telangana
  • How to cite this article:   Siddiquie S, Ali M, Ali K M Z, Atif K S A, Nasirabadi M Z, Fear Of Covid-19: A Cross-sectional Study Among General Population In Telangana During Lockdown. Telangana J Psychiatry. 2020;6(2):170-175.
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