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Volume : 4, Issue : 1

  • Diabulimia - The Phenomenology Of An Under Recognised Juxtaposition Between Diabetes And Eating Disorders

  • Article : Open Access

  • Article Type: Review Article

  • Subject : Psychiatry, Mental Health, Psychology

  • Year : 2018

  • Author : Suhas Chandran

  • Author : Prakrithi S N

  • Author : Supriya Mathur

  • Author : Kishor M

  • Page From : 6

  • Page To : 10

  • Page No : 6-10

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  • Abstract  

    Eating disorders are a major cause of physical and psychological morbidity. Young women and adolescents with diabetes, especially Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) are at a high risk for developing disordered eating behaviours (DEB) and eating disorders (EDs). A similar DEB that often goes unrecognized is “Diabulimia” i.e. deliberate administration of insufficient insulin or omission of insulin administration for the purpose of weight loss. Such manipulation provides an easy way to control weight as compared to other means like exercise or diet control, but in turn leads to poorer metabolic control and contributes to an increased risk of short-term and long-term diabetes related medical complications, ultimately leading to higher mortality rates. Despite its several clinical implications, diabulimia is not yet considered either a formal medical or a psychiatric diagnosis. Early detection and treatment can effectively reduce adverse physical and psychological health outcomes. Treatment strategies like pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy or a combination of both can be helpful in such cases.

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  • Keyword : Diabulimia, Adolescents, Young women, Diabetes, Eating disorders
  • How to cite this article:   Chandran S, N P S, Mathur S, M Kishor, Diabulimia - The Phenomenology Of An Under Recognised Juxtaposition Between Diabetes And Eating Disorders. Telangana J Psychiatry. 2018;4(1):6-10.
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