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Telangana journal of psychiatry

Volume-2 And Issue-2 of Telangana journal of psychiatry (2016)

  • 1. Transcranial Stimulation – Where We Are Headed

  • Author : Phani Prasant Mulakaluri
  • Page No : 58-60
  • Abstract :

    Transcranial brain stimulation has a certain appeal understandably because of the non-invasiveness of the procedure as well as the potential for targets and their therapeutic benefits. In fact, it isn’t a very novel procedure, as early as 43 A.D Roman physician, Scribonius Largus, was found to have used electricity from “torpedo fish...

  • 2. Psychiatrist For The Society, Society (ips) For The Psychiatrist

  • Author : Sreedhar Raju Yerra
  • Page No : 61-63
  • 3. Is It Possible To Reduce Cost Of Psychiatric Care?

  • Author : P. Gopala Sarma
  • Page No : 64-65
  • 4. Switch Phenomenon In Bipolar Disorders: What Is It?

  • Author : Anand Bhogaraju
  • Page No : 66-72
  • Abstract :

    The phenomenon of Affective switch process is not well understood. It is difficult to differentiate switch from natural course of emergence of Manic/Hypomanic episodes. International Society of Bipolar Disorders (ISBD) has worked out operational definition for switch. Bipolar disorder I has highest rates of switch compared to Bipolar Disorders I...

  • 5. Pattern Of Psychiatric Referrals To Psychiatric Unit In A Tertiary Care Medical College

  • Author : Prabhakar Chandrakant Holikatti
  • Page No : 73-75
  • Abstract :

    Introduction: Psychiatric illness have high comorbidity with other disorders. Referred cases from other departments are the major source of patients to the psychiatry unit. Stigma regarding psychiatry illness, lack of awareness, lack of interaction with other department may influence referrals.
    Methods: The study population incl...

  • 6. Biological Rhythm Disturbances In Patients With Bipolar Disorder Under Remission

  • Author : Bhaskar Katram, Ch. Siva Kumar
  • Page No : 76-79
  • Abstract :

    Background: Biological rhythms are very important aspects governing the human life. The patients suffering from bipolar disorder have lot of issues which play an important role in the course of their illness. There is need to study their influence on the overall health in these patients especially who are under remission to prevent the rela...

  • 7. Do Executive Functions Predict Outcome In Remitted Bipolar Patients? A Case Control Study

  • Author : Raga Sandhya Gandi, Prasad Rao G, Venugopal Duddu
  • Page No : 80-85
  • Abstract :

    Background: Bipolar disorder patients have cognitive deficits even during periods of remission particularly in domains of executive functions and verbal memory that contribute to poor functional recovery. The present study aims to identify the executive function deficits in bipolar patients in remission, and its influence on overall functio...

  • 8. Patients Who Seek Traditional Magico-religious Treatments: Are They Different From Patients Who Seek Medical Treatments? A Case-control Study

  • Author : Aparna B, Duddu V, Prasad Rao G
  • Page No : 86-89
  • Abstract :

    Introduction: A patient’s decision to seek help for mental health symptoms (and from who) depends on a number of socio-demographic and illness related factors, as well as accessibility and affordability of care. Traditionally magico-religious healers have constituted an important source of health-care for a significant proportion of m...

  • 9. Use Of Restraint In A Psychiatric Hospital

  • Author : Chandrashekar K, Rashmi A
  • Page No : 90-93
  • Abstract :

    Managing patients who are aggressive and violent is a challenging task for staff of psychiatric hospitals. Physical or chemical restraint is resorted to when verbal counseling does not help in de-escalation. It is often believed that restraint is very often overused in psychiatric hospitals. In the Indian clinical settings there is no data avail...

  • 10. A Study Of The Relationship Between Insight And Depression In Schizophrenia

  • Author : Rakesh Gandhi, Mahesh Suthar, Mandeep Singh, Sutanaya Paul
  • Page No : 94-98
  • Abstract :

    Introduction: One of the important factors that determine the quality of life of patients with schizophrenia is depression. To determine the relationship between insight and depression in such patients is noteworthy for determining final outcomes.
    Aims and Objectives: This study was conducted with the objective of studying the r...

  • 11. Schizophrenia And Retinitis Pigmentosa – A Case Report

  • Author : Narayan R. Mutalik, Pramod S. Bhise
  • Page No : 99-101
  • Abstract :

    It is common for a psychiatrist to treat patients with co-morbid medical conditions. If there are co-existing sensory impairments like deafness or blindness, in the patients with the underlying psychiatric symptoms, then diagnosis and treatment becomes a challenging task. Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a progressive degeneration of retinal neuroep...