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Telangana journal of psychiatry

Volume-2 And Issue-1 of Telangana journal of psychiatry (2016)

  • 1. Psychodermatology: Mind The Skin

  • Author : Julio Torales, Beatriz Di Martino
  • Page No : 5-7
  • 2. Mental Health Care Bill – 2013: A Clinician’s Perspective

  • Author : K. Chandrasekhar
  • Page No : 8-10
  • 3. Rapes In India During 1991-2014

  • Author : P. Gopala Sarma
  • Page No : 11-14
  • Abstract :

    Background: Increasing reports of rapes and responsibilities of clinicians.
    Objective: To analyse rape in preteens, adolescents and adults in India over a period of two plus decades.
    Methods: Rape rate was computed from National Crime Records Bureau of India crime data and US Census Bureau International population ce...

  • 4. Psychiatrist View Of Rape

  • Author : P. Gopala Sarma
  • Page No : 15-16
  • 5. Early Interventions In Schizophrenia: What Do We Know?

  • Author : Phani Prasant Mulakaluri
  • Page No : 1-4
  • 6. Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (osces) As Assessment Tools For Medical Student Examination

  • Author : Farooq Ahmed Khan
  • Page No : 17-21
  • Abstract :

    The Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) are one of the most common methods of assessment for medical students. OSCEs have been used in medical schools for the purposes of formative and summative assessment. In the United Kingdom (UK) the term ‘assessment’ is used to refer to the judgment of student’s work and &ls...

  • 7. Understanding And Managing School Refusal In Children And Adolescents

  • Author : Pravin Dullur
  • Page No : 22-26
  • Abstract :

    School refusal is a common problem observed in children in India and elsewhere. It is a serious problem because it usually poses significant and adverse consequences. Unfortunately, it is not often seen as such. Short-term consequences include poor academic performance, family difficulties, and peer relationship problems.[1,2] The long-term cons...

  • 8. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Excoriation (skin Picking) Disorder

  • Author : Julio Torales1, Larissa Páez , Marcelo O’Higgins , Andrés Arce
  • Page No : 27-30
  • Abstract :

    In spite of excoriation (skin picking) disorder being first described in 1875, it has not yet been fully studied and understood. Furthermore over the years it has received multiple names (neurotic excoriation, psychogenic excoriation, pathological skin picking, compulsive skin picking) and only since late 2012 it has been included in diagnostic ...

  • 9. A Comparative Study Of Clinical Correlates Of Bipolar Mixed State With Bipolar Manic And Bipolar Depressed State In A General Hospital Psychiatry Setting

  • Author : Raman Krishnan, Sharma PSVN
  • Page No : 31-37
  • Abstract :

    Background: Mixed states pose diagnostic dilemmas and raise the question of their existence as separate diagnostic category. There are few Indian studies on mixed affective disorder particularly with respect to the diagnosis and clinical comparison of patients with mixed state and other subtypes of bipolar disorder.
    Aim: To eluc...

  • 10. Mental Health Status Of Tribal School Going Adolescents: A Study From Rural Community Of Ranchi, Jharkhand

  • Author : Arif Ali, Shahid Eqbal
  • Page No : 38-41
  • Abstract :

    Aim: To assess the mental health status of school going tribal adolescents from rural community.
    Objective: To find out the mental health status (emotional, hyperactivity, relationships, and conduct problems and pro-social behaviors) among school going tribal adolescents.
    Methodology: The present study is a cross sectional descript...

  • 11. A Study Of Gender Differences In Psychiatric Patients With Attempted Suicide

  • Author : Hemendra Singh, Prabha S. Chandra, V. Senthil Kumar Reddi
  • Page No : 42-47
  • Abstract :

    Background: Various studies have attributed gender based differences of suicidal behaviour to various socio-demographic factors; however there is need to study of the various clinical factors associated with gender based differences in psychiatric patients with suicide attempt.
    Methods: One hund...

  • 12. A Cross Sectional Comparative Study Assessing The Quality Of Life In Elderly Living In Old Age Homes And Community And Association Of Various Factors With Qol

  • Author : Anitha Rayirala, Nageswar Rao Nallapaneni, Anand Bhogaraju, Gowri Devi Mandadi
  • Page No : 48-53
  • Abstract :

    Aims and Objectives: Comparison of quality of life (QOL)in elderly living in old age homes and communityandassociation of various socio demographic factors, spouse factors, habits and hobbies.
    Methodology: 49 subjects from old age homes and 48 subjects from community were administered Quality of life scale after taking informed ...

  • 13. Plica Neuropathica – A Case Report

  • Author : Nasirabadi M, Kodakandla K
  • Page No : 54-55
  • Abstract :

    Plica Neuropathica (Polonica) is a condition where the scalp hair in a localized area is compacted into irregularly twisted, irreversibly entangled plaits. It was prevalent in Poland in the 19th century, hence the name plica polonica or Polish plait.[1] The term "Plica neuropathica" was first used by Le Page in 1884 to describe a case ...

  • 14. Dr. Antapur Venkoba Rao

  • Author : Bhaskar Katram
  • Page No : 56-57
  • Abstract :

    Dr. Antapur Venkoba Rao was born on the 20th of August 1927 in the village Kavuttalam which is presently in Andhra Pradesh to Mr.A. Raghavendra Rao and Srimati Lakshmi Devi(1). He was the eldest of eight children (six brothers and two sisters). He grew up mostly in his grandfather’s house and was influenced by him. His general interest was...