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Telangana journal of psychiatry

Volume-1 And Issue-1 of Telangana journal of psychiatry (2015)

  • 1. Long Acting Injectable Antipsychotics – Where Are We?

  • Author : Phani Prasant Mulakaluri
  • Page No : 1-4
  • Abstract :

    Globally, schizophrenia is a leading cause of years lost to disability, with a particularly large burden among adolescents and young adults.[1] Although antipsychotic medications reduce psychotic symptoms and greatly decrease the risk of relapse, their effectiveness in realworld practice is decreased by non-adherence.[2] Non adherence rates have...

  • 2. Is This A New Journal?

  • Author : Rajshekhar Bipeta
  • Page No : 5-6
  • Abstract :

    In this editorial, I give a background and history of Telangana Journal of Psychiatry, the challenges it faces, and provide suggestions to improve its standards.

  • 3. Delirium: Need For A Cultural Change

  • Author : Ajay Verma Macharouthu
  • Page No : 7-8
  • 4. Telangana: Comprehensive Mental Health Services Development: Hospital & Community Services: Psychosocial Dimensions

  • Author : Raghurami Reddy P
  • Page No : 9-14
  • 5. A Cross-sectional Study Of Stigma And Quality Of Life In Patients With Mental Illness

  • Author : Shanthi Chilasagaram, Siva Kumar Ch, Nikhil Ravindranath T, Manoj Kumar P.
  • Page No : 15-20
  • Abstract :

    Despite the scientific advances stigma still continues to be an important barrier in the management of mental illness (MI). In this study we assessed the stigma and quality of life in patients with MI. Method: 30patients with mental illness were assessed on DISC- 12 and WHOQOL-BREF. Results: Environment domain of QOL showed significant negative ...

  • 6. Psychiatrists’ Prescriptions

  • Author : Poduri Gopala Sarma
  • Page No : 21-23
  • Abstract :

    A look at psychiatrists’ prescriptions that one comes across during practice reveals many omissions and commissions. Apart from polypharmacy, prescriber’s data leaves much to be desired. Difficulty in deciphering prescribed drug names by another psychiatrist due to handwriting problem and plethora of trade names is common. Generic na...

  • 7. Role Of Depression In Alzheimer\'s Disease

  • Author : Anand Bhogaraju
  • Page No : 24-26
  • Abstract :

    Old age population in developing countries is rising as also chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s disease (AD) with increase in morbidity and disability. Depression is considered increasingly both as a risk factor and prodromal feature in AD. Depression and Diabetes mellitus are now both considered as risk factors in conversion of Mild Cognit...

  • 8. Prevalence Of Common Mental Disorders Among Patients With Diabetes Mellitus And Hypertension In An Urban East Delhi Slum – A Cross Sectional Study

  • Author : Neha Taneja, Mrinmoy Adhikary, Susmita Chandramouleeswaan, Suresh Kumar Kapoor
  • Page No : 27-31
  • Abstract :

    Background: Psychiatric co morbidities like anxiety, depression and somatization are often associated with chronic diseases such as Type2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) and Hypertension (HTN). Illness-associated depression and anxiety impairs quality of life and results in higher health care utilization and costs. However, co morbid mental disorders a...

  • 9. ‘hope And Faith See Us Through A Long Night To A Brighter Day’ – Moving Out Of Violent Relationships And Resilience Among Female Survivors Of Intimate Partner Violence

  • Author : Thirumalai Ananthanpillai Supraja, Mysore Narasimha Vranda
  • Page No : 32-36
  • Abstract :

    Background: Studies on the subjective experiences of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) among Indian women are far and few and there are hardly any studies focussing on the resilience of these women.
    Objectives: The purpose of this investigation was to understand the experiences of violence among f...

  • 10. Psychological Assessment Of Patients Referred To The Psychiatry Unit Of A Tertiary Care Hospital With Suicide Attempt

  • Author : Lakshmi Swetha Nekkanti, Anurag Srivastava
  • Page No : 37-42
  • Abstract :

    Background: Suicide is a social burden and 3rd leading cause of death among the youth worldwide. A few studies have shown that Borderline personality disorder and Histrionic personality disorder are the most likely amongst the personality disorders to predispose patients to suicide. Not many studies have been focussed on the issues of deliberate...

  • 11. A Descriptive Study Of Referral Pattern In Department Of Psychiatry In A Tertiary Care Hospital

  • Author : Pavan Kumar K, Sinjoni Roy, Ravinder Anaveni
  • Page No : 43-48
  • Abstract :

    Background: Study of referral pattern to a Psychiatry Department helps us to understand the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in in-patients of a tertiary care hospital. It also helps us to assess the need of sensitization of the primary care physicians and for improvement of General Hospital Psychiatric Units (GHPU). Objective: The aim of the...

  • 12. Factors Related To Female Substance Abuse: A Hospital Based Study From A Tertiary Care De-addiction Center In India

  • Author : Mona Srivastava, Abbas Mehndi, Ashok Patel
  • Page No : 49-52
  • Abstract :

    Introduction: Social and familial stigma and prejudices make treatment-seeking difficult in women substance abusers. An analysis of various social, familial, personal, and other correlates of the treatment seekers can help in an appropriate understanding of the problem and can help in a better assessment, management and prevention of this proble...

  • 13. Post Stroke Othello Syndrome: A Rare Clinical Presentation Of Right Parietal Lobe Infarct

  • Author : Hemendra Singh, Mamta S. Chhabria, Meenakshi P. Giri
  • Page No : 53-54
  • Abstract :

    Background: Delusional jealousy also known as Othello syndrome has been described as a part of various neurological and psychiatric conditions.
    Case Description: Here, we present a case of a 65 year old male patient who developed a delusion of infidelity subsequently after a right parietal lobe ...

  • 14. A Case Of Tardive Dyskinesia With Paliperidone Palmitate

  • Author : Philip Kumar Boyanapally, Nishanth Vemana, Phani Prasant Mulakaluri
  • Page No : 55-57
  • Abstract :

    Background: Tardive dyskinesia is a neurological side effect of long term antipsychotics use. Incidence is common and found to be less prevalent with second generation antipsychotics than the first generation antipsychotics.
    Case Description: We present to you a case of Tardive Dyskinesia in a 45 year old female after 18 months ...

  • 15. Cognitive Therapy Of Personality Disorders

  • Author : Keshava Rao Devulapally
  • Page No : 58-58
  • 16. Robert Spitzer

  • Author : Nishanth Vemana
  • Page No : 59-62
  • 17. Tribute To A Luminary – Dr. M A Majeed Khan

  • Author : Zia Nadeem
  • Page No : 63-65
  • 18. Dr. Doma Krishna Reddy

  • Author : Dr Priya Reddy
  • Page No : 66-66